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Feminist Research Group Travel Grant


Feminist Research Group (FRG) Travel Grants are intended to help graduate students at the University of Windsor who are conducting Masters or Doctoral thesis research on feminist related topics to fund all or part of their traveling costs to a conference where they will present the aforementioned research.


Full-time graduate students at the University of Windsor whose research projects are on any type of feminist issues (i.e., work must have an explicit anti-oppression framework, but is not limited to work on “women’s issues”) may apply. There will be one winner per year.


In evaluating proposals, the FRG evaluation committee must be satisfied that the project complies with a number of key criteria. The applicant and project must demonstrate:

  1. The strength of the graduate student applicant.
  2. The quality (demonstrated methodological rigour and potential impact of work) of the proposal.
  3. Need for funding.

Other requirements:

  1. Travel costs must be for conference travel.
  2. An individual may hold travel grants simultaneously from multiple sources (i.e., if an individual already has a travel grant from a different source, they are still eligible to apply for and receive the FRG Travel Grant).
  3. Travel grants are non-renewable.
  4. Travel grants will be $150.
  5. Monies will be issued as a scholarship to the graduate student and therefore must be claimed as nontaxable income.
  6. Travel grants must be used for conferences that are between April 1 to September 30 of the year of application.

Procedures & Policies

The following procedures are for the allocation of the FRG Travel Grants:

  1. There is one deadline per year: April 30.
  2. Applications must include estimated costs of the most economical way of travel to the conference as well as destination of conference.
  3. Applications can include any information which may aid in making decisions. The evaluation committee may solicit additional advice on any project.
  4. Awardees must permit project information to be posted on the FRG website (i.e., name of researcher, title of project, etc.) upon receipt of the travel grant.
  5. Receiving funds is contingent on providing proof of acceptance to the conference. Please include a copy of your letter/e-mail with your application.