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Custodial Services - Environmental Services

The Custodial Services Department may be reached at extension 2480 or 2850.

Custodial and event set-up services are provided by the Custodial Division (through a permanent and part-time staff organized into a decentralized model) in order to clean, sanitize and perform set-up functions so students, faculty staff and visitors to the University of Windsor can enjoy a clean, safe environment.

The tasks and schedules are based on standards set by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA).

The operation is a 24/7 function with staff working day, afternoon, night and weekend shifts.

Custodial staff are responsible for a variety of services based on the APPA cleaning standards.

Our vision is to be a high performance team of empowered cleaning professionals providing custodial services to the students, faculty, staff, users and visitors in a timely manner and environmentally responsible fashion that supports the educational atmosphere of the University of Windsor.

Services Provided:

  • Custodial cleaning of all spaces
  • Waste removal from buildings
  • Pest control and monitoring
  • Locking and unlocking of exterior doors
  • Respond to emergencies such as flood and plugged toilets.
  • Clean restricted areas upon request.
  • Recycling
  • Set up and break down during events
  • Table and chair delivery (within buildings)

Fee For Service:

The following services are provided upon request (fee for service):

  • Special project/event cleaning such as exams, graduation, weddings, etc.
  • Set-up on non-University events
  • Special request for cleaning above the standard.

Cleaning Frequencies:


  • Washrooms/shower rooms/locker areas
  • Eating areas
  • High traffic public circulation spaces
  • Building entrances
  • Teaching labs and classrooms


  • Low traffic circulation areas
  • Stairwells
  • Loading docks
  • Offices


  • Floor maintenance - as required 


Fax Number:    519-971-3697
John Regier Manager Room 612
Chrysler Hall Tower
Ext 2165
John Spriggs Operations & Training Supervisor 2nd Floor
CAW Student Centre
Ext 4096
Matthew Fear Custodial Services Supervisor - Days 2nd Floor
CAW Student Centre
Ext 2480 
Greg Frederick Custodial Services Supervisor -

2nd Floor
CAW Student Centre 

Ext 2480 
Chris Mehenka   Custodial Services Supervisor - Afternoons  2nd Floor
CAW Student Centre 
Ext 2480 
 Mike Wilcox   Custodial Services Supervisor - Midnights 2nd Floor
CAW Student Centre 
Ext 2480