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University of Windsor

ERASMUS Training Program in
Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Lake Huron


As a consequence of their intensive nature, workshops represent an effective means of training in advanced and interdisciplinary areas. Intensive workshops will assemble ERASMUS graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all participating institutions, stimulating scientific exchange and mutual learning, and occasioning productive interactions with industry and governmental partners. 

ERASMUS Genomics and Transcriptomics Workshop 2014

Upcoming Workshops


Previous Workshops


Pictures from the Environmental Genomics Workshop 

 Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor Maine







  Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, Maine.


ERASMUS Trainees







   ERASMUS Trainees at the Environmental Genomics Conference.


Microarray Analysis Workshop







   Microarray Analysis Workshop.


  James programming the BIO Mek.


Steve preparing a microarray slide







   Steve preparing a microarray slide.


Aligning Microarray Scan







   Aligning Microarray Scan


MDIBL Enviromental Genomics Class 2011


Attendees at the ERASMUS Genomics & Transcriptomics Workshop May 2014


   Attendees at ERASMUS Genomics & Transcriptomics Workshop, May 2014