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University of Windsor

ERASMUS Training Program in
Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Lake Huron

Our People

Members of the ERASMUS network are internationally recognized researchers in ecology, genomics, proteomics, ecotoxicology, geochemistry with outstanding training records, who address challenging environmental questions at the system level. The unique nature of our network lies in its ability to collectively integrate data and results across disciplines. Our integrative approach moves far beyond traditional data sharing or information exchanges, and begins at the fundamental levels of hypothesis formulation and methodological innovation to address real-world issues. Our integrative, interdisciplinary approach also involves collaboration with environmental professionals from industry as well as researchers from universities and other institutions. Our group embraces a common training philosophy based on respect for students and for their need to be understood and to become self-learners.

The ERASMUS network is lead by our Interim Director, Dr. Daniel Heath, supported by the Principle Researchers, Collaborators and Trainees and managed by the Program Coordinator Mark Smith.