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University of Windsor

ERASMUS Training Program in
Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Lake Huron

What's the ERASMUS Advantage?

Our group has developed an innovative NSERC CREATE program to prepare a new group of environmental professionals who will lead future investigations into one of the most complex environmental problems of the 21st century, the security of sustainable freshwater resources.

Our innovative training program promotes interdisciplinary collaborations and communication through a combination of elements such as student exchanges, internship placements, and interactive workshops.





Scientists trained in our program will gain the necessary skills to transfer academic knowledge on the synergistic effect of micro-pollutants in aquatic environments into concrete action like assessing ecosystems at risk, policy implementation, and design of recovery plans. Most importantly, our students will gain knowledge regarding the social, ethical, and political dimensions of global environmental issues and will ultimately be able to guide Canada toward sustainable development.


 The ERASMUS-CREATE program is sponsored by