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Undergraduate Creative Writing

Creative witing students may graduate by way of a BA Honours or BA Combined Honours in Creative Writing and English Literature.

The Combined Creative Writing Degree

What makes our creative writing degree programs unique is how the degree combines literature and language coursework with creative writing workshops.

Students graduating BA Honours or BA Combined Honours will have acquired, as part of their creative writing degree and at second, third, and fourth-year levels, intensive creative writing workshop experience gelling around sustained attention to their writing.

Sudents will have been introduced to a range of writing styles and techniques, as well as a range of published authors, international to local.

Further details:

Creative Writing students in our programs graduate with a creative and a critical-historical foundation. The English literature component of the degrees helps writers to contextualize, enliven, and critique their own creative practise. The creative writing workshops position students in more intimate relation with authors under study in their literature classes; students’ own first-hand experiences of the shaping forces of language enrich their engagement with literary language and what it has been for other writers and readers at other times.


Students take the following creative writing courses:

26-203: Creative Writing I, a 6-credit Fall-plus-Winter-semesters course

26-304: Creative Writing II (Special Topics), a 3-credit single semester course (since the topic will change from semester to semester, this course may be taken more than once for credit)

26-498: Creative Writing III, a 6-credit Fall-plus-Winter-semesters course

The creative writing workshop:

Creative writing workshops at the University of Windsor aim to elicit open, questioning minds in life and language -- especially concerning the techniques and aims of literary language.

Workshop features include:

  • faculty mentoring
  • seminar format
  • small class sizes
  • one-on-one and peer-to-peer consultation, discussion, critique
  • reading about writing practices and the traditions of twentieth-century and contemporary writing
  • public student reading event(s)
  • student initiatives (publications, etc)

Portfolio submission deadline:

Applications must be received by May 22nd for Fall term courses and September 30th for Winter term courses (note: 26-203, 26-498, and 26-590 are two-term courses). If mailing your submission, please ensure that it is post-marked by the due date or sooner. If delivering your submission in person, please ensure that it is received by the secretary on duty, by or before the stated deadline.


  1. On acceptance, you must pick up a University of Windsor Course Change form from the Departmental Office, 2-106 Chrysler Hall North. Upon payment of the photocopying fee (see below), the form will be signed. You must then take the Course Change form to the Office of the Registrar to become registered in the course.
  2. If you are not contacted within three weeks, please check with the Department Secretary in room 2-106 Chrysler Hall North or by phone at 253-3000 ext. 2288 or by e-mail at, to see if you have been accepted.

General procedures:

  1. The admission decision is based on the quality and potential of the writing submitted.
  2. All portfolios are reviewed by a team of professors who make the final decision on who is admitted.
  3. You do not need to be an English major to take Creative Writing courses.
  4. Admittance to a Creative Writing course does not guarantee any particular final course-grade; as in any university-level program, grades in a Creative Writing course are awarded on the basis of merit that is earned during course enrolment.
  5. Admittance to a Creative Writing course does not guarantee admittance to subsequent Creative Writing courses. Enrollment in each course is determined by portfolio competition.
  6. Portfolios submitted in hard copy can be picked up after they have been evaluated.

Photocopy fee per semester:

26-203 = $20
26-304 = $20
26-498 = $25

Please note: for two-term courses, payment is expected for both terms upon initial acceptance (e.g. 26-203, student pays $40 before registration into the course).

To apply:

Applying to a creative writing course requires advance preparation and submission of a portfolio of creative writing in any genre.

For detailed information, please complete the application for Creative Writing.