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Two New Books by Dr. Carol Davison

Published on: Wed, 02/15/2017
Last Modified: Wed, 02/15/2017 - 3:30pm

Dr. Carol Davison has two 2017 book releases;

Scottish Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion

(Edited by Carol Davison & Monica Germanà),


The Gothic and Death

(Edited by Carol Davison)



Scottish Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion

Edited by Carol Margaret Davison, Monica Germanà

Interrogates the Gothic in relation to Scotland, ‘Scottishness’, British Gothic, cultural and national boundaries, and issues of identity

Written from various critical standpoints by internationally renowned scholars, Scottish Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion interrogates the ways in which the concepts of the Gothic and Scotland have intersected and been manipulated from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day. This interdisciplinary collection is the first ever published study to investigate the multifarious strands of Gothic in Scottish fiction, poetry, theatre and film. Its contributors — all specialists in their fields — combine an attention to socio-historical and cultural contexts with a rigorous close reading of works, both classic and lesser known, produced between the eighteenth and twenty-first centuries. Publication Date: March, 2017. Hardback. ISBN: 9781474408196


The Gothic and Death

Edited by Carol Davison

From the International Gothic Series:

Each volume in this series contains new essays on the many forms assumed by – as well as the most important themes in – the ever-expanding range of international ‘Gothic’ fictions from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. Launched by leading members of the International Gothic Association (IGA) and some editors and advisory board members of its journal, Gothic Studies, this series thus offers cutting-edge analyses of the great many variations in the Gothic mode over time and all over the world, whether these have occurred in literature, film, theatre, art, several forms of cybernetic media, or other manifestations ranging from ‘Goth’ group identities to avant garde displays of aesthetic and even political critique. Format: Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7849-9269-9 Pages: 256 Publisher: Manchester University Press Price: £70.00 -- Publication Date: February 2017