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Practicum Courses in English

In addition to creative writing and English literature courses, our programs in English offer students hands-on experience for the world of literary and non-literary publishing.

Practicum courses include:

  • Writing About the Arts (26-302)
  • Editing Practicum (26-305)
  • Publishing Practicum (26-306)
  • Writing Hypertext: Practicum (26-307)
  • Scholarship and Bibliography: Practicum (26-309)

Admission to English Practicum Courses

For admission to 26-302 and 26-309, consult the prerequisites in the course calendar.

For consideration for admission to the 26-305, 26-306, and 26-307 practicum courses please provide a submission as outlined below.

On a single page, please submit the following:

  1. A short summary of your academic record including your current GPA (Grade Point Average)
  2. Include mention of any writing, publishing, editing and/or related experience you have to date
  3. Provide a brief statement on what you hope to gain from the course(s) in question.

Please save your submission as a Word or RTF doc and either email or mail it to the attention of our Departmental Secretary, Sandra Raffoul (