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The Thesis Option
The thesis, a paper of approximately 20,000 words, incorporates the results of a student's independent research. The student works on the thesis under the guidance of a thesis director and two readers. The student should consult the current Graduate Calendar and the booklet Procedures to Follow in Preparing a Thesis or Dissertation before beginning the thesis. This booklet and other information are available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
Prior to beginning work on the thesis, students must submit a prospectus, which will be prepared in consultation with their thesis director. The prospectus (approximately 2,000 words) is a formal, detailed plan of work which includes a statement of the problem, the method or approach to be employed, an assessment of the relevant scholarly and critical work on the topic, some indication of the nature and significance of the expected results or conclusions, and a bibliography. The prospectus is circulated to a panel composed of some of the specialists in the particular field of the proposed work and other appropriate members of the Department. If the panel approves the prospectus, a Master's Committee consisting of a Chair and one other member from the Department of English and one faculty member from another department will be recommended to the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for approval.
The Chair of the Master's Committee normally has full responsibility for direction of the student's work. Other members of the Committee may be involved in the early stages of the research and writing, but all will read the final draft of the thesis and participate in the examination of the candidate during the thesis defence.
Students in the Thesis Program must register in 26-797 in every term in which they use University facilities for their work.