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What excites our faculty? Not only that they get to teach great students -- it is what they teach as well. Their interests are diverse, and include:

Diverse Faculty Interests

Faculty teaching and research interests include topics in:

  • literatures of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom
  • aspects of world literatures in English
  • First Nations literatures
  • composition and rhetoric
  • twentieth-century drama
  • the Victorian novel and working class culture
  • disability, race, gender, class theories, among theories exploring social and literary worlds
  • comic books, blogs and the cultural impact of multimodal technologies
  • modern, postmodern and contemporary poetry and poetics
  • literature in relation to the other arts

among many other areas and topics.


To find out more about our faculty, click on their names below.

University of Windsor phone number: 519 253 3000.

Faculty Telephone Extension E-mail
Louis Cabri 2304
Carol Margaret Davison
(Department Head)
Tom Dilworth 2299
Richard Douglass-Chin 2295
Johanna Frank 2306
Susan Holbrook 2300
Dale Jacobs 2309
Karl Jirgens 2310
Mark Johnston 2349
Joanna Luft 2301
Nicole Markotic 2302
Suzanne Matheson 2305
Stephen Pender 2307
Katherine Quinsey 2303


Sessional Faculty                            
Betsy Keating    
Lenore Langs    
Marty Gervais    




Anita Hurwitz
André Narbonne
Danielle Price

Colin Atkinson    
Henry Janzen    
Louis Mackendrick    
Eugene McNamara    
Joe Quinn    
Lois Smedick