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Dr. Tom Dilworth

Dr. Tom Dilworth University ProfessorDr. Tom Dilworth

  B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto) Killam Fellow; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


CHN Rm 2127
519 253 3000 ext. 2299



  • modern literature
  • Romantic poetry


  • 1st yr: Writing About Literature (120)
  • 2nd yr: Later British Literature (211)
  • 3rd yr: Modern British Literature (352); Contemporary British Literature (353); Modern Irish Literature (355)
  • 4th yr: Special Topics Seminar (420)
  • Graduate: Literature of the Twentieth Century (550)

Recent Publications

Recent books:


David Jones in the Great War. London: Enitharmon Press, 230 pp.

The Letters of Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson: Composition as

Conversation. Edited with Susan Holbrook. New York: Oxford University

Press, 2010. 336 pages.


Reading David Jones. Cardiff:University of Wales Press, 2008, 255 pages.


Recent articles:


“Browne in ‘The Dead’, James Joyce Quarterly, forthcoming.


“Introduction to The Shape of Meaning in the Poetry of David Jones,”

reprinted in Criticism of Modern Poetry, Gage, forthcoming.


“The Anathemata.”  Poetry Review, forthcoming


“David Jones,” Companion to Modernist Poetry, eds. David Chintz, Gail

McDonald. Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming.


“Death and Pleasure in ‘The Emperor of Ice-cream’,” The Wallace

Stevens Journal  34:2 (Fall 2010), 144-160.


With Joanna Luft, “The Name Daisy: The Great Gatsby and Chaucer’s

Prologue to The Legend of Good Women,” The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review

8 (2010), 79-91.


“Basil Bunting on David Jones,” Poetry Review 100:2 (Summer 2010), 122-3.


“Passion of Gatsby: Evocation of Jesus in Fitzgerald's The Great

Gatsby,” Explicator, 68:2 (2010), 119-21.


 “Donne’s Compass at the Death Scene in Fitzgerald’s The Great

Gatsby,” Explicator 68:1 (2010), 55-7


“David Jones Painting in Love: The Lee Shore and Trystan ac Essyllt,”

FlashPoint: A Multidisciplinary Journal of the Arts and Politics

(Spring 2010), 12 pages,




Dr. Tom Dilworth is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and specializes in Modern Literature and Romantic Poetry. Interdisciplinary in his interest in relationships between literature and visual art, he is the author of The Shape of Meaning in the Poetry of David Jones, which won the British Council Prize in the Humanities, Reading David Jones, and David Jones in the Great War. He is the editor of Jones’s illustrated Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Jones’s WeddingPoems, and Inner Necessities, the Letters of David Jones to Desmond Chute. He has edited the Ad Solem bilingual (English/French) editions of Jones’s works, is writing Jones’s biography for Jonathan Cape, and co-editing the correspondence between Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson. He has published over a hundred chapters and articles, on William Cowper, William Blake, William Wordsworth, S.T. Coleridge, John Keats, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Auguste Rodin, Edward Lear, G.M. Hopkins, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, W.C. Williams, Robert Frost, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Katherine Mansfield, Wyndham Lewis, David Jones, Virgil Thomson, William Faulkner, Kenneth Clark, W.H. Auden, George Orwell, Patrick Kavanagh, Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin, William Golding, Marshall McLuhan, A.R. Ammons, Peter Porter, Sylvia Plath, Audre Lord, and Robert Morgan. His recent poetry has appeared inNotre Dame Review, SalmagundiRampikeOntario Review, and Poetry (Chicago).