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Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies in English

The minimum qualifications for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for the Master of Arts programs in English are: (1) an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English; (2) a B average in all undergraduate English courses; (3) a B+ average in English courses in the final year.

In addition, the applicant for admission to the final or “candidate” year of the Master’s programs (M2) should have the following undergraduate preparation:

  • some courses, normally four, in the pre- and early-modern periods, that is, from Old English through the Eighteenth-Century;
  • some courses, normally four, in the modern period, that is, the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, including Canadian and American;
  • some courses, normally two, from the areas of Critical History, Theory and Approaches, Scholarship and Bibliography, and Language and Linguistics;
  • additional courses from any of the above areas to make up the total number of courses required for an Honours English B.A.

Students who do not have the Canadian Honours English B.A. or its equivalent may be admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in a two-year program (M1). In the first year of such a program, the student is expected to elect undergraduate courses to complete the requirements outlined above.
In addition to the documents specified in the current Graduate Calendar, applicants must submit a "Proposal of Studies" (about 500 words) with their applications indicating the program and option to which they are applying and discussing such issues as their areas of academic or creative interest, their undergraduate training, their academic or career goals, and how these might be reflected by the available faculty and resources at the University of Windsor. Students with an Honours B.A. in English may apply to either of the M.A. degree fields and to any of the options.

Students applying to the Literature and Creative Writing field must submit, with their application, a portfolio of representative creative work (20-25 pages) for faculty evaluation. It is, in part, on the basis of this submission that the student will be admitted to the Literature and Creative Writing field and to the graduate seminar in Creative Writing (26-591/592). Students meeting other requirements, but not accepted into a graduate seminar in Creative Writing, may apply to 26-498 (Creative Writing III: Seminar), and be allowed to reapply to the Literature and Creative Writing field the following year. Alternatively, they may ask to be considered for the Literature and Language field.

Although work on a Master's degree must be completed within three consecutive calendar years after the full-time student's first registration, the expected duration of the Master's program is three terms of full-time study. Therefore students in the thesis or project option in particular should plan their programs carefully; normally the topic for a thesis or project and the student's Master's Committee should be determined by the end of the first term of study. Within this term students can review their program and may be able to change to a different option.

In order to be considered for awards and scholarships, students should apply for Fall admission by March 30th of that year. The application deadline for admission to the program is July 1st of that year.