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How do I apply?

Applications are available online only. The application can be found on the Graduate Admissions website at   On the webpage, you will see general information about applying to graduate programs and a link called Application for Admission. Questions about applying online or about your on line application or about changing information in your online application should go to Graduate Admissions

Before you apply, please review the Academic Requirements, below, to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for our program. We do not pre-assess applications. 

If you need more information about the program before applying, please contact our Graduate Secretary at   

What is the Admission Application Deadline?

The deadline for both domestic and international applications is July 1 for the immediately following September. ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS MUST BE UPLOADED TO THE ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM CALLED eGAS BY MIDNIGHT JULY 1, 2017.  This means that your transcript(s), your English language test results (if it applies to you) and your 2 references must be on eGAS by July 1, 2017.  Please inform your reference writers of the July 1 deadline.  

After July 1, if ALL of your documents are not uploaded, your application will NOT be considered for Fall (September) 2017 admission.  Your application will stay on the application system, but will be considered for the next available admission time which is Fall 2018.  Fall 2018 applications will be reviewed by the Economics Department beginning in mid-October 2017. Applications are processed throughout the year, starting in October, for the following September admission, after all required documents are submitted.

Please note that Saturday, July 1 is the Canada Day national holiday.  The University will be closed on Friday, June 30 for the holiday.  However, the online application system is operational at all times and will show if and when a document has been added.

Only September (Fall semester) admission times are available in both the one year and two year Economics Masters degree graduate programs. 

International applicants should check with their closest Canadian consulate or embassy for information about the time needed and requirements for a student visa/study permit.

What are the academic requirements?

Minimum Admission Requirements
for BOTH the 1 Year or 2 Year Masters Economics program:
- studied Economics or a related field including at least
introductory & intermediate level microeconomics &
introductory & intermediate level macroeconomics 
- completed one course each of
university level calculus &
university level linear algebra &
university level statistics.
- minimum CGPA of at least 70% (or the Canadian grade equivalent) in all courses taken over the most recent two years of study 
For admission to the 1 year (called the M2 or the Masters Candidate) program:
Applicants should have
  • a Canadian 4 year undergraduate honours degree in Economics or the international equivalent.
  • all Minimum Admission Requirements listed above + introductory level econometrics.
For admission to the 2 year (called the M1 called or Masters Qualifying) program:
Applicants should have
  • an Economics or related academic background, including all Minimum Admission Requirements listed above.
During the first year, students in the 2 year program take eight advanced level undergraduate economics courses to prepare for the 1 year program. Click on "Program Description" on the left side of this page to see the list.

What Documents Are Required?

Confidential reports (references) -  2 references. Academic references from former or current professors are strongly preferred but employer references are acceptable if the applicant has been out of school for some time.
Transcripts - 1 each of any transcripts from universities that you listed on your online application form.  If the transcript shows that credits were transferred from another institution to contribute to the applicant's current degree, then the transcript from the other university will be required as well.  If the transcripts are not in English, the applicant must upload 1 official English translation for each non-English transcript. Applicants who have attended the University of Windsor, do not need to order or send University of Windsor transcripts. 
PLUS, if the applicant's academic background is not English -
An English Language Equivalency Test result is required. The test must have been taken within the last two years.
Minimum acceptable English test results:
TOEFL   83/120 overall
IELTS    6.5 overall.  Academic test version required.
MELAB   80 overall
CAEL     60 overall
Applicants who feel that an English language test requirement should not be needed, may request a waiver of the requirement by sending an email to Graduate Admissions , explaining why the exception should be granted.
If an English Language Equivalency Test is required, the applicant MUST meet the minimum requirement by August 1 of the year that the student will register for courses.  i.e. classes starting in September 2017 (Fall semester) require that the English test requirement must be provided by August 1, 2017.
The University of Windsor has a full time English Language Improvement Program called ELIP.  The program usually lasts 12 weeks per session, starting in September, January and May each year. Applications for ELIP must be made directly to ELIP. Details are at . Students enrolled in ELIP cannot be enrolled in the Economic Masters program at the same time. Note that students taking ELIP in September and finishing it in December, CANNOT start the Economics program in January. They would have to wait until the following September admission time for Economics Masters admission.
No Other Documents are Required.  For example, NOT required:
  • The GRE and or GMAT, letters of intent, resumes, personal statements, writing samples, etc. are not required and not used to determine admission eligibility. 
  • Entrance test and interviews are not required and not given by the Department of Economics.