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B.Sc. Thesis 66-499

The B.Sc. thesis is a scholarly, independent research project that normally involves the collection and analysis of data, a written report and a seminar presenting the results from the project. Students participating in a thesis project will demonstrate evidence of critical analysis and a thorough understanding of the research topic. The B.Sc. thesis option is encouraged for students that are interested in academic research and/or would like to continue their academic careers by applying to a graduate program after obtaining their undergraduate degree.

General areas of research interest and supervisors are normally identified in consultation with the Department Head. The exact topic is determined through discussion with the supervisor(s) and approved by the supervisor and Department Head.

Upon completion of the thesis, each student will deliver a 20 minutes public oral presentation. The thesis is graded by the thesis supervisor(s) and by another faculty member (the co-reader). A copy of the thesis must be brought by the student to the Department to be checked for formatting prior to making the final copies. After the thesis has been approved, the student will deposit three copies with the Department (room 204 MH), including one for the supervisor.

If you are interested in taking ESCI-4900, Thesis Research in Environmental Science, you must be registered in the Honours Environmental Science (with Thesis) program. If you are not registered in the thesis option of the Honours Environmental Science program, you may wish to consult with our departmental counsellor, Dr. Maria Cioppa. An appointment can be made in person through the Program Office located in room 204-A Memorial Hall. Alternatively, you also may contact us by phone at (519) 253-3000 ext. 2528 or via email at