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Disability Studies: Committed to Social Justice and Accessibility
"The highest result of education is tolerance" - Helen Keller

"Nothing about us, without us"

The disabilities movement motto, “Nothing about us, without us,” captures the motivation for the Disability Studies program.

Disabilities Studies provides students with the knowledge and experience-based practice they can use to advocate for:

  • social justice,
  • anti-oppressive needs, and
  • accessibility for people with disabilities.

Through course work and community experience placements in disabilities settings, students learn advocacy skills to prepare for work in academic, health, social service and government organizations.

The Disability Studies program is tailored to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds who have followed different academic and career paths:

  1. Students coming directly from secondary school to the University of Windsor
  2. Students transferring from other University of Windsor programs
  3. Students transferring from other universities
  4. Graduates of Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology programs
  5. Graduates of all Ontario College Child and Youth Worker programs