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Diaspora Youth Conference

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Keynote Speaker for 2019

2019 African Diaspora Youth Conference:

Ola Mohammed


Ola Mohammed is a PhD Candidate in Social and Political Thought, an executive member of the Black Graduate Students’ Collective, as well as a research associate at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York University. Her doctoral research uses an interdisciplinary Black Studies, Sound Studies and Popular Music Studies approach to theorize Black sonic practices within Canada. More specifically, her work explores the ways in which tuning into Black sonic Canada[s] informs us of the cultural politics of listening by examining the social production, regulation and surveillance of blackness within the nation-state via every day, municipal and state level practices of anti-black racism, as well as the tremblings of possibility that Black cultural producers and audiences create to resist and exist despite these muted violences. 


Workshops are held in Dillon Hall

Topics for workshops include:  Post Secondary Education, Positive Interactions with the Police, Recruitment, impact of feedback, student life experience, youth development in African American Communiciies, RAPHS - Youth outreach, Hip Hop started the Heart.