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Links and Resources


Who are our Students?

Faculty Development – Teaching Tips Index
• How students learn / How we teach

Netiquette: Communicating with the Internet Generation
• Student-instructor communication
• The internet generation

What Students Want - Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

First year

First-Year Retreat First-Year Resources
• Readings on the first-year experience

Graduate Students

Tri-agency statement of principles on key professional skills for researchers

Student Advising

Advising Graduate Students
• on Advising and Mentoring Graduate Students

Why Bother With Academic Advising?
• PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Wes Habley of the University of Texas

Student Success
Student Motivations to Attend Class

Best Practices

• Professors Review Best Teaching Practices, by David Butt and Edward

Reutzel Online Learners
• A collection of links about improving services for online learners