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Links and Resources

Learning Technologies

Distance Learning

• University of Windsor’s Registrar’s Site for Distance Education Students

Online and Open Learning

A Teaching Assistant's Guide to Online and Hybrid Learning
Models for online and open learning, Christine Smith, University of Windsor

Reutzel Online Learners
• A collection of links about improving services for online learners

Philosophy of E-Learning

The University of Windsor's Approach to E-Learning

Teaching with Technology

Teaching and Learning Videos

Managing Laptops and Wireless Technology in the Classroom

Navigating the mobile classroom: tips for faculty, Nick Baker, University of Windsor

• Nilson, L. B., & Weaver, B.E. (Eds.) (2005). Enhancing Learning with Laptops in the Classroom. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 101. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-0-7879-8049-8

Florida State's brief summary of classroom laptop recommendations

Assessing laptop use in higher education classrooms: The Laptop Effectiveness Scale (LES), Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Clickers and Personal Response Systems

What is Clicker Technology?

Clickers: Try Clickers for a Day

Clickers: A series of videos on the effective use of clickers and peer instruction, as well as links to a free instructor's guide and various resources on clicker use.