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Copyright Law in the Educational Setting, Professor Tawfik, Law, University of Windsor
     • What are some of the parameters regarding using materials in your courses or on your course web site?
     • Why are we concerned about Copyright Law?
     • What does the Copyright Law protect?
     • What can be copied without permission?
     • What is Public Domain?
     • Where can you find out more about Creative Commons?
     • What is Fair Dealing?


Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers

Plagiarism & Anti-Plagiarism
     • Discussion
     • Websites
     • Citation styles

Writing, Reading, and Research Skills

Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University
     • Writing skills
     • Research and documentation styles
     • Grammar and mechanics

The IDEA Center
     • A collection of papers in support of teaching improvement

Thinking Writing
     • A guide to writing-intensive teaching and learning

Writing Practices for Graduate Students
     • Reducing the discomfort of the blank screen
• University of Windsor, Leddy Library
• University of Windsor, Academic Writing Centre

English as an Additional Language

• University of Windsor, Academic Writing Centre, English Language Improvement Program