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Curriculum, Course, and Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Handout: What are they? How do you write them? Michael K. Potter, Erika Kustra, Nick Baker
A Primer on Learning Outcomes and the SOLO Taxonomy, Michael K. Potter, University of Windsor
Learning outcomes resources, University of Windsor
    • What is a learning outcome and how does alignment work?
    • How do I write a learning outcome?
    • How do I know students have achieved the outcome(s)?
    • Samples/examples of programs/courses centred on learning outcomes
The Senate Working Group on Learning Outcomes - 2016
Directory of University Program Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes Assessment Resource Room


Curriculum Development, by Judith Howard
Process for Strategic Curriculum Design

Course Redesign

Effective Practices in Course Redesign, Prepared by Allyson Skene, Greg Paziuk, & Bev Hamilton

Course Materials

Recommendations to Instructors for Reducing Costs to Students for Course Materials (e.g., textbooks)

Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations

University of Windsor Graduate Attributes and the Ontario Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLE) and Graduate Degree Level Expectations (GDLE)
Workshops and Webinars presented in collaboration with Council of Ontario Universities
Templates and Resources, University of Waterloo
Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education by Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson (1987), reprinted with permission by University of North Carolina at Charlotte

University Quality Assurance

• Quality Assurance Framework
• University of Windsor Institutional Quality Assurance Process