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What is clicker technology?
clicker The University of Windsor has approved the use, amongst faculty who wish to adopt it, of a new wireless student response system more commonly known as "clickers." This innovative technology encourages student participation in larger classes, provides instructors immediate feedback during lectures, and has been shown to improve student understanding and retention. General information about the purchase, returns and use of clickers is provided below.

The eight steps to run TurningPoint successfully (Office 2007 and 2003)

  1. Plug in your receiver
  2. Open TurningPoint
  3. Open your presentation in TurningPoint
  4. Load participant list
  5. Reset your session (in case you have any previous result from another session, resetting will remove them)
  6. Run your presentation
  7. Save your session
  8. Run your report

Who should faculty and students contact if there is a question about clickers?
All problems or inquiries from students about clickers should be directed to ITS Help, while all faculty problems or inquiries should be directed to the Centre for Teaching and Learning extension 3422.

More information on clickers can be found at the following TurningPoint Web Site, including many product manuals.

Where can students purchase clickers?
Students may purchase clickers from the University Bookstore. Clickers can be purchased separately or sometimes bundled with textbooks.

Students register a unique "clicker id number" found on each clicker onto a dedicated clicker Web Page within the SIS (Student Information System). This page provides instructions and more information about clickers. This number is not the student number, but a device number that associates each clicker with an individual student. Thus all new class lists will have a new column identifying the clicker id numbers of students registered in the class, even in courses where the clickers are not being used. In classes where they are used, instructors require this clicker id information from their students in order to properly use the system. The clicker can be used in multiple classes in which the student is enrolled.

Information for Students
Students will have to login to their SIS account, and register their clicker ID.

  • Students are responsible for correctly registering their clicker Device ID.
  • Clicker Device IDs are unique. Each clicker may be registered to only one student.
  • Clicker Device ID registration is good for one semester. Every semester, students will need to re-register their clicker Device ID.
  • If a student purchases a clicker from another student, it is the responsibility of the seller to remove their clicker registration number so that buyer may register it.

Clicker Returns
How? Clickers may be returned, as with textbooks, to the Bookstore at any time for 1/2 of the suggested retail price.  If the clicker has been purchased new and the student has not used it, a full refund is available provided the original receipt is accompanied with the return and it is within the Bookstore's deadlines for returns and exchanges. Before a clicker may be returned, the clicker needs to be deregistered on the clicker Web Page in the SIS (Student Information System). This clicker page will provide all the necessary directions for deregistering the clicker.  Every semester, students will need to re-register their clicker Device ID
When? Clickers may be returned to the bookstore as with textbooks at specific times.  To view when returns or exchanges may be made, visit the Bookstore Web site.  You may view the Returns/Exchange times on the left hand side of the main page.

Radio Frequency Clickers
The following images indicate the currently used Radio Frequency clicker and the older InfraRed clicker that is not being used at this time. If an InfraRed clicker has been unintentionally purchased, please return the clicker to the University Bookstore for an exchange to the current Radio Frequency clicker.

Two clickers, one which is the correct Radio Frequency, and the other which is the incorrect InfraRed