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Charlene Senn
Fourteen Not Forgotten: Montreal Massacre Memorial

Graduate Students

I am actively seeking new graduate students who have an interest in sexual violence interventions and other topics related to male violence against women and girls. I currently supervise four graduate students whose research focuses on technologically assisted sexual violence, women's resilience following rape during war, pornography's influence on women's sexual lives, and self-silencing following sexual violence. I prioritize working with students who have an interest in sexual violence interventions and feminist approaches to studying aspects of violence against women and/or girls. I only supervise students coming in to our Applied Social Psychology program although I often sit on the committees of students entering our clinical program.

Graduate students are given the opportunity to become a member of the interdisciplinary Health Research Centre for the Study of Violence against Women.

Current Students:

Mia Sisic
Level: PhD
Research: Women's experiences of rape during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
Michelle Krieger
Level:  PhD
Research:  Technology and social media use in relation to sexual assaults
Hio Tong Kuan
Level:  PhD
Research:  The role of sexually explicit/implicit material in perceived sexual experiences with intimate partners

Tanja Samardzic

Level:  MA
Research:  Self-silencing and intimate partner violence
Current graduate students
From left to right: Charlene Senn, Michelle Krieger, CJ Chasin, Mia Sisic

Recently graduated students:

Sobia Ali Faisal
Level: PhD, 2014
Research: Crossing Sexual Barriers: the influence of background factors and personal attitudes on sexual guilt and sexual anxiety among Canadian and American Muslim women and men
Dusty Johnstone
Level: PhD, 2013
Research:  Voices from Liminal Spaces: Narratives of Unacknowledged Rape
Melissa St. Pierre
Level: PhD, 2013
Research: Coming Out in Primary Healthcare: An Empirical Investigation of a Model of Antecedents and Consequences of Lesbian Disclosure
Recent graduate students
Back row: CJ Chasin, Melissa St. Pierre, Dusty Johnstone
Front Row: Charlene Senn