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WEDnet Activities

The following activities are representative of the scope of work encompassed by CSCI with relationship to WEDnet.  It is by no means exhaustive as an advanced network continually evolves new and innovative developments.  Additional information regarding these items are available by contacting the CSCI office.  Where possible, links have been provided to help you explore the benefits of the Windsor-Essex County Intelligent Community activities.

Wide Area Network (WAN) High-speed optical fibre network connections to over 200 sites, including municipal offices, schools, libraries, etc. Link
Rural Broadband Towards ubiquitous high-speed connectivity (1.5 Mbps sustained download) in rural Essex County via funding from Ontario Rural Connections Program (OMAFRA) Link
Video Conferencing (VC) Support Room system access with shared PRI interfaces for connections to third party wireline to expand to desktop standards solution (Polycom CMA)  
Handheld Devices - BlackBerry Mobile communications for access to handheld and server sharing with extensions to for access to home user accounts Link
Handheld Devices - Cell Phones HSPA+ platform device and MiKE (emergency/talk) implementations with monitoring to move to LTE in 2012 Link
e-Health Shared connections to the Ontario government's e-health Internet services and education  
e-Health - Med School Dedicated connection to support advanced medical school training using CWDM light path connections to London, ON Schulich medical school  
Corporate Internet - TELUS High-speed fibre based scalable Internet services with Telus as a core provider of carrier services with transferred class C addressing    
Corporate Internet - Cogeco High-speed fiber based scalable Internet services with Cogeco as a core provider of carrier services for support of main connections  
Corporate Internet - Cogent High-speed fibre based scalable Internet services with peering in Toronto for direct connections to TORX for preferencial routing  
Integrated Network Project (INP) Ontario Government connection interfacing for services network - SDM-T (Social Services)  
Regional Broadband Strategy Common approach to researching the approach to maintaining Windsor-Essex  prepareness in the global broadband economy  
Employee Home Internet - Cogeco Provisioning of high-speed home Internet to residences of employees of smart community participant organizations with direct cable network connects Link
Employee Home Internet - Primus Provisioning of high-speed home Internet to residences of employees of smart community participant organizations with DSL options Link
ORION Connection Core services research network connection to global research networks accessible in Windsor-Essex Link
ORION Connection - IPTV Pilot Integrated services pilot for next generation TV over the Internet in development with CA*net RANs  
ORION Connection - CANARIE Canada's national research backbone connection enabled through ORION for Windsor-Essex for national/international reach Link
ORION Connection - Stats Canada - RDC Regional Statistics Canada Data Centre access for Windsor-Essex using lightpath technology and higher level security  
ORION Connection - Michnet Redundant optical fibre link to provide for cross-border redundancy if London-Windsor segment of network fails  
SHARCnet Access to the Shared Heirarchial Advanced Research Computer network cluster as part of Ontario's HPC resources Link
Community Access Program Supporting community awareness, training and supplies to 65 sites as part of the Industry Canada's program Link