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Erie Hall - University of Windsor

Windsor-Essex Development Network

WEDnet is an optical Regional Advanced Network, or RAN, created to research, develop, promote and recognize the benefits of high-speed telecommunications in Southwestern Ontario for the education, health, municipal and industrial sectors.  The RAN is a network infrastructure component of the Connecting Windsor-Essex Intelligent Community activity in the region, and interfaces to the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) as well as Canada's National Research network, CANARIE.  Private sector provider interfaces also connect to WEDnet in a shared services model for those organizatons in Windsor-Essex connecting to it.

Governed as a not-for-profit, users access WEDnet to connect to each other, and to services on networks globally, including the Internet.  By extending, implementing, evaluating and maintaining an advanced operational high performance fibre-based network, in a public and private multi-sector joint venture approach, WEDnet is a peer with local tier 1 carriers in the region, and accepts additional peers as part of its business model.

WEDnet provides a mechanism to permit Intelligent Community participants to share in the information infrastructure of the various sectors.  it also provides an environment to continue developing and testing the tools necessary to advance the organizations involved and keep them competitive at all levels. Continued research is essential, both to develop new applications which incorporate multimedia and other online capabilities of the high-speed network, and to guide the evolutions of tools across the broad range of the networking infrastructure.