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Innovation Annex launches Sabbatical Leave Program

The University of Windsor's Innovation Annex is inviting applications from sabbaticants who will be on leave in the 2009-10 academic year interested in studies involving advanced computer technology, its use, or impact on society. The Sabbatical Leave Program builds on the use of the computer research networks that the university connects to, provides support for use of the networks through the staff in CSCI, including opportunities for interactions at participant sites in the Windsor and Essex County smart community, called Connecting Windsor-Essex.

The subject of inquiry may be selected from a wide range, including: e-learning, e-commerce, complex computational analyses, stochastic or deterministic modelling, network engineering, access to remote resources — or the research may involve the impact of the use of technology, from a sociological, physiological, psychological or legal perspective.

Through the Centre's activities, the University of Windsor created the Innovation Annex. To assist those interested in working more with the technology, the Annex provides access to a third generation web-portal infrastructure for use in its research program. The WEDnet network infrastructure is partly supported by the university through its Windsor and Essex County smart community activities, and includes secure collaboration among researchers internal and external to the campus, file storage and archiving, real-time collaboration and electronic identity management.

Faculty interested in the opportunities for working in affiliation with the Innovation Annex as part of their sabbatical leave are encouraged to contact the Centre for Smart Community Innovation (CSCI) at (519) 253-3000, ext. 4572 or e-mail