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Windsor-Essex Named One of the Top 7 Most Intelligent Communities in the World

On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, Windsor and Essex County was recognized as one of the Top 7 most intelligent communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum.  The Intelligent Community Forum is a think tank that studies the economic and social development of the 21st Century community, based in New York, New York. The ICF seeks to share the best practices of the world's Intelligent Communities in adapting to the demands of the Broadband Economy, in order to help communities everywhere find sustainable renewal and growth.


Each year, the Intelligent Community Forum presents an awards program for Intelligent Communities and the public-sector and private-sector partners who contribute to them.  The awards program has two goals: to salute the accomplishments of communities in developing local prosperity and inclusion in the Broadband Economy, and to gather data for ICF's research programs. 

When the ICF selects a community to be one of the top intelligent communities of the year, it shines the international spotlight on the region, and demonstrates that we are a community that is thinking forward, and capable of collaborating to advance the well being of residents, businesses and organizations.  By being selected one of the awarded communities, Windsor-Essex has the potential to become part of the ICF’s Immersion Lab, which would bring industry leaders from around the globe to our neighbourhood in an effort to promote economic diversification and development.

Windsor and Essex County was recognized in 2010 and 2011 as one of the 21 Smartest Communities in the World!  This activity builds upon the previous successes of the Connecting Windsor-Essex™ Smart Community initiative, which is making our community one of the world’s most connected regions and uniting diverse organizations and individuals to champion the cause of connecting people “at the speed of life.”

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