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Research Areas

Research Projects

  • Content-based visual information indexing and retrieval (Ahmad, Imran)
  • Semantic Structure from Multiple Uncalibrated Images (Boufama, Boubakeur)
  • Advancing the applicability of model checking and FSM-based testing techniques to complex software systems (Chen, Xiaojun)
  • Mining sequences and streams in web, sensors and network datasets (Ezeife, Christie)
  • Investigation of the viability of direct evaluation of natural language queries with respect to event-based triplestores (Frost, Richard)
  • Machine Learning and Individual-Based Simulation for Theoretical Biology (Gras, Robin)
  • Intelligent Resource Allocating Strategies for Next Generation Optical Networks (Jaekel, Arunita)
  • Evolutionary learning in complex social networks (Kobti, Ziad)
  • Mining online social networks and hidden web data sources by sampling (Lu, Jianguo)
  • Geometric optimization: theory and applications (Mukhopadhyay, Asish)
  • Integrative Network-Baed Machine Learning Approaches for Cancer Bioinformatics and Bio-Molecular Network Reconstruction (Ngom, Alioune)
  • Integrative machine learning methods for prediction of protein-protein interactions and analysis of the dynamics of interactomes (Rueda, Luis)
  • Integrating Privacy and Security by Design in Internet of Things Application (Saad, Sherif)
  • Secure Personal Health Record System; A framework for secure health statistical analysis methods (Samet, Saeed)
  • Graph connectivity and related problems (Tsin, Yung)
  • Design and implementation of a relational probabilistic inference engine for large and complex domains (Wu, Dan)
  • Study of Collaborative Planning and Its Application in Software Customization (Yuan, Xiaobu)