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Computer Science students at the University of Windsor enjoy some special advantages for development software. Software vendors provide software for students to use as part of their academic and personal study, both in and out of the classroom. However, the software products cannot be used for commercial or production use. For complete information, check out the legal notices that are part of the downloaded software, or from the vendors' Web sites.

Microsoft Developer Network - Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)

From this site, you can login with your UWinID and password and download almost all Microsoft developer tools, including Visual Studio, and operating systems. Only computer science majors, or students currently enrolled in computer science programming courses will have their UWin ID's validated.

Channel 8 - DreamSpark

From this site, you can download Microsoft creative tools, except Microsoft Office.  All UWinID accounts will work with this site.

IT Services Downloads Area

The University of Windsor IT Services provides a repository for students, faculty and staff.  Some software requires a fee.

If you have any software that you would like to see, send e-mail to