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Xiaobu Yuan, Ph.D.Dr. Xiaobu Yuan
Dr. Xiaobu Yuan
Windsor WaterfrontWindsor Waterfront Park
Windsor Waterfront Park
Imran Ahmad, Ph.D.Dr. Imran Ahmad
Dr. Imran Ahmad
Alioune Ngom, Ph.D.Dr. Alioune Ngom
Dr. Alioune Ngom
Dr. Ziad Kobti lecturingDr. Ziad Kobti
Dr. Ziad Kobti
Dr. Scott GoodwinDr. Scott Goodwin
Dr. Scott Goodwin
Arunita Jaekel, Ph.D.Dr. Arunita Jaekel
Dr. Arunita Jaekel
Dr. Robert KentDr. Robert Kent
Dr. Robert Kent
Jessica Chen, Ph.D.Dr. Jessica Chen
Dr. Jessica Chen
Robin Gras, Ph.D.Dr. Robin Gras
Dr. Robin Gras
Lambton TowerLambton Tower
Lambton Tower
Christie Ezeife, Ph.D.Dr. Christie Ezeife
Dr. Christie Ezeife
Dr. Luis RuedaDr. Luis Rueda
Dr. Luis Rueda


Winner of the Governor General's Gold Medal Award - Dr. Yifeng Li

Computer Science Doctoral Student Recipient of the 2014 Governor General's Gold Medal Award - Dr. Yifeng Li

Alumni Spotlight - Abusayeed Saifullah (M.Sc. 2006)

Alumnus Abusayeed Saifullah joins the Computer Science Department at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Finding the way to succeed

"My level of determination and persistence gave me the edge."

Small School Feel

Bryan Bedard shares experiences in building relationships to help build his career.

Alumni Spotlight - Anshul Gupta

Solving complicated software problems when he's not travelling.

Alumni Spotlight - Garima Gupta

Garima’s dedicated work has landed her a job at Platform Computing (Toronto) which is an internationally well-known company in grid computing.

Connor Conlon - BCS for Graduates

Connor Conlon began our Bachelor of Computer Science for University Graduates degree in Winter 2009 after acquiring his General B.A. in Psychology.

Kazi Abid Bin Islam

Kazi Abid Bin Islam came to the University of Windsor as an International student from Bangladesh in the winter of 2003 to study Bachelor of Computer

Lihua Duan - Graduate Student Success Story

Lihua Duan completed all the graduate courses with A+, and her M.Sc. thesis was accepted by a prestigious journal.