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Alumni Spotlight - Anshul Gupta

Published on: Thu, 11/17/2011
Last Modified: Thu, 11/17/2011 - 11:59am

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Proximity to the U.S. and our international outreach office helped Chandigarh, India’s student – Anshul Gupta, decide on UWindsor. And being international did not stop Anshul from getting involved at the University.  In his first year, he opened a cricket club that attracted more than 100 students to participate.  In his second year, Anshul was the project manager for the International Student Society and his third year took him to a co-op placement in ABB Switzerland.  After his return to the country, he opened a company to develop mobile applications for Android™ and iPads™.  Anshul graduated in June 2011 with a Bachelor of Computer Science - Applied Computing Co-op degree.

When Anshul isn’t creating apps and solving complicated software problems, he is often found working out in the gym or travelling – so far he has been to 46 different countries and counting.

Anshul’s biggest challenge here at UWindsor were the high standards he set for himself.  His goal was to get high grades in all of his classes and to get to know the professors who taught him.  Judging by the warm reception he received back on campus as University Liaison for MKS, he definitely achieved his goals.

Anshul is currently a Software Develoment Engineer at MKS, a PTC Company, in Waterloo Ontario, spending most of his time developing features and working on the Integrity Software.  This position will be an appropriate building block for his future long-term goals - management of software in Europe, which Anshul states “Anything from Sales of Software to Director of Software Development to CTO would do.”

Good luck Anshul!