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Financial Support

International Students - OSAP for Landed Immigrants

Immigrants who have landed in Ontario and have not claimed province of residency elsewhere may very well be eligible for OSAP. Upon completing the OSAP paperwork, the applicant must provide OSAP with a residence history. To apply for OSAP....

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

The Outstanding Scholars Program  is now available for Computer Science Students.  To be considered for this award, candidates must be entering directly from high school and must have first-class standing or the equivalent as determined by the University of Windsor.

The Student Awards & Financial Aid Office administers undergraduate award programs which encourage academic excellence, and assist students with financial need.

SSPC Entrance Scholarships are available to the top 6 winning team members of the annual Regional Secondary School Programming Competition hosted by the School of Computer Science each Fall.  Applications are available at SSPC Entrance Scholarship Applications.

In partnership with FIRST, the University of Windsor School of Computer Science is offering up to three  FIRST Computer Science Scholarships, each valued at $2,000 (Canadian funds). 

In addition to the School of Computer Science FIRST Robotics Awards, the University of Windsor is also offering UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships

A student award may take the form of a citation, medal, gift, prize or grant of money presented to a student. In some instances, students must submit an application form for consideration, although some are automatic if they are based strictly on grades. 


IGNITE! WORK STUDY POSITIONS: Part-time job opportunities on campus to assist students who have financial need.