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Computer Science

Lambton Tower

Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Gras, Robin (Theoretical Ecology, Ecosystem Simulation, Machine learning, Bioinformatics, Biological Sequences Analysis, System Biology Data Analysis, Probabilistic Model Building Heuristics)
  • Dr. Ngom, Alioune (Parallel/Distributed Methods in Computational Molecular Biology, Machine Learning Approaches to Bioinformatics, Application of Discrete Neural Network and Evolutionary Computing, Resource Optimization in Wireless Mobile Networks)
  • Dr. Rueda, Luis (Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, Interactomics, Cancer Biomarkers)


  •  Modeling & Simulation of Complex Biological Systems (ER 3126)
  •  Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics (ER 3152)