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Computer Science


B.C.S. Degree Completion

The Bachelor of Computer Science General Degree Completion program for St. Clair College (or equivalent CAAT diploma holders) is a three-year degree program providing a high quality job-enabling education for all students, providing an education rich in both theory and practice.

This program provides a solid background in all areas of computer science and other subject areas allowing for an enriched general education.  The School’s teaching vision is to prepare to solve computer science problems using a variety of analytical, scientific and personal skills through the sharing of techniques, knowledge and technologies and using supportive and innovative approaches.

The School is supported by twenty faculty and various sessional instructors who specialize in industry related courses. The School is a dynamic and exciting place to learn about Computer Science set on a collegial, multi-cultural campus. If your career choice is computer science or information technology, the School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor is ready to train you in one of the most challenging and interesting fields today.

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Information on these programs is available from the Undergraduate Calendar: