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Graduate Students in Front of Lambton Tower
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Ph.D. Program

The primary objective of the program is to produce excellent Computer Scientists who are capable of conducting high-quality research and who have a sufficiently deep understanding of the subject to be able to make significant contributions to academic institutions and to industry after their graduation.

The program is structured to ensure that excellent communication skills, as well as excellent research skills, are nurtured in the doctoral students.

A related objective is to contribute to the research projects of faculty in the School of Computer Science. The doctoral students work with faculty, mainly on NSERC-funded research projects that have undergone substantial peer review thereby ensuring that the research objectives are significant and the methods employed are sound. This provides an excellent environment in which doctoral students can develop effective research skills.

The doctoral program also enhances the learning environment for Master’s and undergraduate students in the school.  Doctoral seminars and defenses enhance interest in Computer Science.  Doctoral students, who typically inhabit their department at all hours of the day and night, provide a stimulating environment in which other students are encouraged to participate in informal discussions.

Furthermore, the doctoral program helps retain Computer Science faculty at the University of Windsor. Faculty are ready for, and are looking forward to, working with doctoral students. The program is an essential component for the continued development and success of the School of Computer Science.