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Graduate Students in Front of Lambton Tower
Lambton Tower

Graduate Labs

Name Location Professors Extension
List of Computer Science Graduate Laboratories
Visual Processing Multi-Media 3124 Erie Hall Drs. Ahmad and Boufama 4413
Bioinformatics and Ecosystem Simulation 3126 Erie Hall Drs. Gras and Saad Ahmed 3003
Grid Research Lab 3133 Erie Hall Drs. Kent and Samet 3798
Software Engineering / Artificial Intelligence 3139 Erie Hall Drs. Goodwin and Kargar 3788
Computational Research Lab 3140 Erie Hall Dr. Mukopadhyay 3799
Warehousing, O-O Data Mining & Database 3142 Erie Hall Drs. Ezeife and Lu 4405
Optical Communication, High Performance
& Grid Computing
3144 Erie Hall Drs. Jaekel and Wu 4406
Parallel & Meta Computing System Software 3151 Erie Hall Drs. Yuan and Chen 4407
Pattern Recognition / Machine Learning
& Bioinformatics
3152 Erie Hall Drs. Ngom and Rueda 4408
Algorithm Speech Processing & Advanced
Search Techniques
3127 Drs. Frost, Kobti and Tsin 4404
Graduate Student Lounge 3130 Erie Hall   3797