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Computer Science Faculty Directory
Name Ext. Email


Ahmad. Dr. Imran 3715 imran 8112 LT Associate Professor
Bandyopadyhay. Dr. Subir 2999 subir 5112 LT Professor
Boufama, Dr. Boubakeur 3776 boufama 8113 LT Professor

Chen, Dr. Jessica 

3713 xjchen 3713 LT Associate Professor

Ezeife, Dr. Christie
(Undergraduate Program Chair)

3012 cezeife 5105 LT Professor
Frost, Dr. Richard A. 2997 richard 5116 LT Professor
Goodwin, Dr. Scott
(Graduate Program Chair)
3774 sgoodwin 5110 LT Professor
Gras, Dr. Robin 2994 rgras 8111 LT Associate Professor
Jaekel, Dr. Arunita 2996 arunita 5109 LT Professor
Kent, Dr. Robert 2993 rkent 5100 LT Professor
Kobti, Dr. Ziad
(Director of the School)
2990 kobti 5101 LT Associate Professor
Lu, Dr. Jianguo 3786 jlu 5111 LT Professor
Mavromoustakos, Dr. Stephanos 4411 stephano 8101 LT Assistant Professor
Morrissey, Dr. Joan 2992 joan 5103 LT Associate Professor
Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Asish 3778 asishm 8114 LT Professor
Ngom, Dr. Alioune 3789 angom 5107 LT Associate Professor
Rueda, Dr. Luis 3002 lrueda 8110 LT Professor
Tsin, Dr. Yung 3001 peter 8117 LT Professor
Wu, Dr. Dan 3777 danwu 8116 LT Associate Professor
Yuan, Dr. Xiaobu 3790 xyuan 8104 LT Associate Professor
Adjunct and Cross Appointments
Name Affiliation Role
Ali, Dr. Adnan Canadian Intellectual Property Office Adjunct Assistant
Aneja, Dr. Yash Odette School of Business
University of Windsor
Cross Appointment
Bari, Dr. Ataul University of Western Ontario Adjunct Assistant
Caron, Dr. Richard

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Windsor

Cross Appointment
Ksantini, Dr. Riadh Laboratory of Imaging and Artificial Intelligence (LIVIA) Adjunct Assistant
Liu, Dr. Jiming Hong Kong Baptist University Adjunct Professor
Jin, Dr. Karen University of New Hampshire Adjunct Assistant
Siqueira, Dr. Walter Luiz Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Adjunct Assistant
Snowdon, Dr. Anne Richard Ivey School of Business Adjunct Professor
Tawfik, Dr. Ahmed French University in Egypt Adjunct Associate

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