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Scholarship Payments for Fall 2018

Published on: Thu, 08/02/2018
Last Modified: Thu, 08/02/2018 - 7:45am

Scholarship Payment Information for FALL 2018

Scholarship payments are made automatically to your student account at the beginning of each semester, once you are registered for that semester.

For Fall 2018, payments are scheduled to be credited to students' accounts beginning on August 2, 2018 for students who are registered for Summer.

REMINDER:  We no longer issue cheques for scholarship refunds.  If you are entitled to a refund after outstanding fees have been deducted you will be sent
an email money transfer to your UWindsor email account.  You will have the option to deposit the payment into the Canadian bank account of your choice. We
expect refunds to be available beginning September 7, 2018 to students who have registered for Fall by August 31, 2018.

This is also a reminder that graduate scholarship recipients who do not register by the posted late registration deadline for each semester will forfeit their
scholarship for that semester.  For Fall 2018, the late registration deadline is September 19, 2018.

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