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Computer Science Students Recognized for Committment

Published on: Tue, 04/10/2018
Last Modified: Tue, 04/10/2018 - 3:52pm

On Thursday March 29, the School of Computer Science celebrated the successes of our hard-working students who have achieved a cumulative GPA over 78% with a major GPA over 80%, and those undergraduate students who have made an impact in research, industry and in their undergraduate community.

Awards were given for the Highest GPA in General or Honours degree programs.  Cole Gilbert – 4th  year Computer Science Honours student, was recognized for his academic excellence, the Director’s Honour Roll and the  Outstanding Scholar Award.   Adham Ayman recently earned his B.Sc.(General)-B.Ed. Concurrent and has received the Highest GPA award for the BCS (General) for University Graduates program. 

In addition to honouring our students for their outstanding academic achievements, we were also delighted to have Mr. Steve Karamatos, alumnus and past employee of the School, address the students as the Keynote Speaker. 

Stephen Karamatos arrived at School of Computer Science in the mid 1980’s, as an undergraduate student. At the same time, he began working as a part-time “main-frame” computer operator at a local school board.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, he was hired by the University to put together and maintain the first exclusively research computing network in the School of Computer Science. Steve worked on many emerging Internet-related systems and played a technical leadership role in many projects on campus.

Steve later moved to the private sector where he was IT consultant for Fortune 500 companies.   He was recruited back to the School of Computer Science to establish a new computing facility exclusively for Computer Science teaching and research, funded through an Ontario government program.  This network gave the next generation of students and researchers a new and modern development environment.  Steve has taught a number of courses in the School at all levels. He is a co-owner of a local ISP that provides fixed-point wireless Internet connections and Web hosting and development.

Steve is currently with the Information Technology Services department on campus, and is the Manager of Technology and Innovation.

For a complete list of awards presented at the event, click here.