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Sessional Appointments Available for Summer and Intersession 2018

Published on: Mon, 01/29/2018
Last Modified: Tue, 01/30/2018 - 10:31am

The School of Computer Science intends to offer the following courses during I/S 2018 which might not be staffed by full-time faculty members as part of their normal teaching load.  In accordance with section 54-07 of the 2017-2021Collective Agreement, the School invites applications from qualified individuals interested in teaching them.  This listing is subject to change.

03-60-100-01  12 weeks            Key Concepts in Computer Science

03-60-104-91  Distance 12 weeks   Computer Concepts for End-Users Distance course

03-60-140-01  6 weeks             Introduction to Algorithms & Programming I

03-60-141-01  6 weeks             Introduction to Algorithms & Programming II

03-60-205-91  Distance 12 weeks   Introduction to the Internet-Distance course

03-60-209-91  Distance 12 weeks   Social Media & Mobile Tech. for End User

03-60-212-01  12 weeks            Object-Oriented Programming

03-60-265-01  12 weeks            Computer Architecture I

03-60-305-91  12 weeks            Cyber Ethics Distance course

03-60-322-01  12 weeks            Object-Oriented Software Analysis/Design

03-60-330-01  12 weeks            Operating Systems Fundamentals

03-60-334-01  12 weeks            World Wide Web Information System

03-60-634-01  8 weeks             Internet Application and Distributed Systems

03-60-634-02  8 weeks             Internet Application and Distributed Systems

03-60-656-01  8 weeks             Advanced Systems Programming

03-60-656-02  8 weeks             Advanced Systems Programming

03-60-667-01  8 weeks             Networking and Data Security

03-60-667-02  8 weeks             Networking and Data Security

APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED USING THE ONLINE APPLICATION AT: on or before February 8, 2018 to (  A Master’s degree in Computer Science is required for teaching core Computer Science courses.

Not all of the above courses may be offered subject to budgetary approval and teaching allocation changes.       

For additional information, please contact the School’s Office at 253-3000

ext. 2990 or 3714.

The University of Windsor is committed to employment equity and welcomes applications from Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and members of the visible minorities.  Applications from women are particularly encouraged.

Notes: Subject to provisions of the Collective Agreement, preference will be given to qualified applicants who are full-time faculty members.  Applications from those who have not taught previously for the School should attach a CV and forward three letters of reference to  Only those successful will be contacted.




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