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Computer Science Ph.D. Student - Abed Alkhateeb - Going Above and Beyond

Published on: Tue, 04/25/2017
Last Modified: Thu, 11/02/2017 - 2:48pm

School of Computer Science - News Article Image

The Faculty of Science recognized six graduate science students for their contributions to both the research and mission of the faculty. The student awards were given at the Science Graduate Student Success Reception held on April 5.

Among these students was computer science PhD student, Abed Alkhateeb who was given the Going Above and Beyond in Research Award. Abed, who works under the supervision of computer science professor Luis Rueda, has focused on designing machine learning algorithms used for analyzing large transcriptomics datasets. One of the main projects he is involved in uses these techniques to identify relevant biomarkers in the progression of prostate cancer, in collaboration with students and fellows from Biological Sciences, the Windsor Regional Hospital and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Abed’s work has been presented and published in two journals and more than ten conferences in computational biology and bioinformatics – one of the conference papers was selected as a runner-up for the best paper award, winning the student travel award. Apart from participating in several extracurricular and teaching activities, Abed has achieved an outstanding academic performance. He has recently received the Ontario Government Scholarship for the upcoming academic year.

According to Dr. Rueda, Abed is self-motivated, independent and passionate about research. He has demonstrated excellent abilities for both independent and collaborative research within the computer science field and his research lab, as well as cross-disciplinary collaborative research with biological and medical sciences.

More details and pictures can be found in the Uwindsor Daily News and on the Faculty of Science Facebook page.