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Making great friends and connections in Victoria

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Published on: Fri, 12/09/2016
Last Modified: Tue, 12/13/2016 - 10:39am

School of Computer Science - News Article Image

This past summer Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) student Selina Gabriel won a Digital Humanities Summer Institute Tuition Scholarship.  The digital humanities is an emerging field which crosses the humanities with computer science.

“The DHSI was first introduced to me by Dr. Kent. I had told him that I was interested in computer ethics for humanity, and having done work in the life sciences field with him, it seemed like a good fit.

I had chosen to take a class in RDF Linked Open Data. I was among 3(or so) computer science students attending, so it was very interesting to see the perspective of humanities students and what they wanted to achieve using software that was not yet developed. We teamed up to research different types of projects we could achieve in the span of that week.

Computer science has so many facets and specializations, we often overlook some just because they aren't necessarily present in our environment. The DHSI opened my eyes up to an entire field I didn't even know existed on a few months earlier.”

Ms Gabriel comments that the institute had her step outside of her computer science box and is now interested in other facets for which she can apply her studies.  She would definitely take this opportunity again as Selina enjoyed the Victoria campus, the city and excursions on the island and neighbouring islands and made some great friends that week.