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Dr. Ziad Kobti lecturingDr. Ziad Kobti
Dr. Ziad Kobti
Imran Ahmad, Ph.D.Dr. Imran Ahmad
Dr. Imran Ahmad
Dr. Luis RuedaDr. Luis Rueda
Dr. Luis Rueda
Dr. Robert KentDr. Robert Kent
Dr. Robert Kent
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Lambton Tower
Dr. Scott GoodwinDr. Scott Goodwin
Dr. Scott Goodwin
Robin Gras, Ph.D.Dr. Robin Gras
Dr. Robin Gras
Xiaobu Yuan, Ph.D.Dr. Xiaobu Yuan
Dr. Xiaobu Yuan
Christie Ezeife, Ph.D.Dr. Christie Ezeife
Dr. Christie Ezeife
Alioune Ngom, Ph.D.Dr. Alioune Ngom
Dr. Alioune Ngom
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Jessica Chen, Ph.D.Dr. Jessica Chen
Dr. Jessica Chen
Arunita Jaekel, Ph.D.Dr. Arunita Jaekel
Dr. Arunita Jaekel


What are the Application deadlines:

Fall term: January 15th (International) and March 15th (Domestic)
Winter term: July 15th (International) and September 15th (Domestic)

What is the Program Format: The PhD degree is a full-time, Thesis-Based degree. All classes are in-class and onsite at the University of Windsor.

What is the Program Length: PhD students must maintain continuous enrolment while registered in the program unless on an Approved Leave of Absence.  An Academic term is four months. Graduate students register for three academic terms in each year. PhD Students must be registered for a minimum of 3 years and have up to a maximum of 7 years to complete all degree requirements.

Do I need a supervisor before applying:  It is highly recommended that applicants review the Faculty list and areas of specialization.  Applicants should indicate a potential supervisor(s) along with the intended area of interest on the Research Statement form.

Can I submit IELTS/ TOEFL results later: All application documentation must be submitted by the application deadline. Only applicants that meet all of the minimum admission requirements at the time of application will be considered. Applicants who have not yet obtained the required results you may wish to consider applying for the next available term.

Do I need to submit GRE results: GRE results are not required as part of the application. For a complete list of the required documents, please see How to Apply

What are the Program Requirements: Students registered in the PhD program must complete the following:

  • Qualifying Examination within the first four months after entering the program
  • No less than two and no more than four graduate level courses
  • Comprehensive Examination within two years after entering program
  • Research Proposal within two years of entering the program
  • Presentation of three seminars, this includes the Research Proposal
  • Final Dissertation defense

Is funding available: The School of Computer Science is pleased to offer financial support to our Doctoral students in the form of Graduate Assistantships and Research Assistantships. These positions are dependent upon a student’s performance and availability of funds.  Detailed funding information is provided to a successful applicant along with the Offer of Admission documentation.