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MSc with Co-op Option How to Apply

Students who are accepted into the MSc Thesis Based program can apply to Co-op program after they have arrived and have completed one term of Full time study while maintaining an overall GPA of 70% or better and be in good standing.  Students are able to apply in any of the fall, winter and summer terms.

In addition to the program requirements for the M.Sc. degree, students participating in the co-op option must:

  • Have obtained an Approved Release form which indicates that the supervisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator approve the request to apply for the Co-op program.
  • Have been a full-time student;
  • Have successfully completed a minimum of one study term;
  • Have a least one semester remaining after the work term in a maximum of three years in the master's program;
  • Not be planning to take courses during the work term;
  • Be registered in courses for two consecutive terms immediately prior to the work term.

At the beginning of each term, an email announcement is made to all current students with instructions and deadlines on how to apply for this program.

Placement is not guaranteed. The process of securing a placements must be a partnership between students and Co-op, Career and Employment Services.  Although every effort is made to find a sufficient number of work term positions for all students enrolled in Co-op, no guarantee of employment can be made.  Securing a placement will depend entirely upon the student’s success during the application and the interview processes.