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Current Student Fellows (Winter 2015)


Lauren Earle began her MA in Philosophy at the University of Windsor in September 2014. Her research, in conjunction with Dr. Guarini’s area of expertise, is in computational neural modelling and epistemology with a focus on belief-formation. The specifics of her project are still in development, but will address Fodor’s Language Of Thought hypothesis and Churchland’s ‘map in the head’ metaphor with reference to Braddon-Mitchel and Jackson. 



Curtis Hyra is currently pursuing his M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Windsor.  His research interests span across environmental philosophy, social-political philosophy and argumentation theory.  Under the supervision of CRRAR research fellow Dr. Marcello Guarini, Curtis will draw on Paul Bartha’s work By Parallel Reasoning on analogical arguments.  Curtis will draw on this research for the completion of his major research paper.  The specific topic of his major research paper is currently under development.  Curtis thanks CRRAR for their support in this endeavor and looks forward to working with the centre over the next several months.