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Catherine Hundleby, Research Fellow



Dr. Hundleby joined the Philosophy Department at Windsor in 2003 and is also cross-appointed to Women & Gender Studies. She is active in the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA), The Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (C-SWIP), and in the Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies (FEMMSS:, which she helped to found in 2004. Hundleby has been a central organizer of three academic conferences for FEMMSS, two for CSWIP, and one-going-on-two for OSSA. She served as co-Director of FEMMSS from 2010-2012. Her research appears in journals across the disciplines that address social epistemology, feminism, and argumentation; and she co-edited with Phyllis Rooney a special issue of Informal Logic on Reasoning for Change (2010) and a special issue of Studies in Social Justice on Just Reason (2009). She is an Advisory Editor on the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (in press 2015).

Areas of Interest

Dr. Hundleby views argumentation as a social means for developing knowledge, with particular attention to how power differentials affect discourse and the argumentation and knowledge that arise through discourse. She is working on a book project, tentatively titled Fallacies in the Age of Science, that aims to reinvigorate the role of fallacies in critical thinking education and argumentation studies by attention to evidence about errors in reasoning from the history of science and from the psychological sciences

Research Interests


Feminist philosophy, epistemology, social cognition, philosophy of science, fallacy theory, feminist rhetorical studies.


  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Connect Grant: $40,000. Project title: Virtues of Argumentation. Project duration: 2011-2013.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Research Communication Grant: $18,000. Project title: Reason, Activism & Change: Philosophical Considerations. Project duration: 2008 - 2009.


  • Hundleby, Catherine E. Forthcoming 2015. The status quo fallacy: Implicit bias and fallacies of argumentation. Implicit Bias and Philosophy, Volume I: Metaphysics & Epistemology. Eds. Michael Brownstein and Jennifer Saul. Oxford University Press.
  • Hundleby, Catherine E. 2013. Aggression, politeness, and abstract adversaries. Informal Logic 33(2), Special issue in honour of Trudy Govier, Eds. J. Anthony Blair and Ralph H. Johnson.
  • Hundleby, Catherine E., Feminist empiricism, Handbook of Feminist Research: Theory and Praxis, second edition, Sage, 2011, Ed. Sharlene Hesse-Biber.
  • Hundleby, Catherine E., Authority in an age of expertise, Between Scientists & Citizens: Assessing Expertise In Policy Controversies, 2012, Ed. Jean Goodwin, on-line and print-on-demand (, Great Plains Society for the Study of Argumentation, Iowa State University.
  • Hundleby, Catherine E. 2010. The authority of the fallacies approach to argument evaluation. Informal Logic 30(3), Special issue on “Reasoning for Change,” Eds. Phyllis Rooney and Catherine E. Hundleby.
  • Hundleby, Catherine E, Androcentrism as a fallacy of argumentation, Argumentation: Cognition and Community, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA) (May 18-21, 2011), 2011, Ed. Zenker, F., Windsor, ON.


  • ONGOING: Hundleby, Catherine E., Critical Thinking Squared: Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking Pedagogy in Philosophy.
Teaching Interests


  • Jamie Sewell (MA 2013): Bell hooks On Critical Thinking:  The Successes and Limitations of Practical Wisdom. Currently pursuing doctoral philosophy at the University of Waterloo.
  • Amy Butchart (MA 2008): Foucault and the Masculine Medical Norm. Received PhD in Philosophy from the University of Guelph in 2014.
  • Lauri Daitchman (MA 2007): Moral Perception and Pornography. Currently in legal practice.
  • Sulma Portillo (MA 2007): Uneven Benefactors and Beneficiaries: Mill on the Social Utility of Free Expression. Currently in private sector.
Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. University of Western Ontario (2001)