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2009 Volume 10 No.1

 The Third Special Issue on Spirituality


John Coates, PhD (Guest Editor)
Department of Social Work
St. Thomas University
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Jeannette Waegemaker Schiff, PhD (Guest Editor)
Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Coates, J. & Waegemaker
Schiff, J.
Higgins, M.W.
Duckham, B.C. & Greenfield, M.J.
Randall, W.L.
Walsh, A.M.
Behrman, G.U.
Metheany, J-S. & Coholic, D.
Ying, Y-W.
Hawkins, C.A.
Drumm, R., Popescu, M., & Kersting, R.
Nason-Clark, N., Holtmann, C., Fisher-Towsend, B., McMullen, S., & Ruff, L.
Recollet, D., Coholic, D., & Cote-Meek,S.