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Policy for Submissions

Critical Social Work welcomes manuscripts from authors from any area of study, which focus upon issues of social justice. We perceive Critical Social Work as an opportunity for constructive dialogue in the interest of achieving social justice. We anticipate the dialogue being wide ranging and welcome manuscripts of a philosophical or theoretical nature, research methods and findings, as well as practical application. The focus may be on the individual, group, society, or culture.

Download Submission Requirements (PDF Copy)

Format of Manuscript

Please accurately and thoroughly follow this APA manual 6 format! Refer to the correct section in the APA Manual 6 for guidance.
Manuscripts that do not meet submission requirements, most notably our strict APA manual 6 policy, will be returned to the author.
Only manuscripts that comprehensively follow our submission requirements will be read for suitability!
Attention to detail is expected!

We encourage international submissions; however, all manuscripts must be written in English. To insure that copyediting problems that are associated with English-language usage do not interfere with our reviewers' evaluation of the substantive content, we respectfully ask that our international authors consider seeking the assistance of native English speakers to copyedit papers before they are submitted to Critical Social Work.

Important Points:
  • Submitted manuscript should include five major sections: the Cover Page, Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.
  • Must use page breaks between sections.
  • Each page of your manuscript must have a properly formatted running head (flushed left) with page numbers flushed right (i.e., top right corner of the page), within the page header. The running head font, must match that of the body (i.e., Times New Roman, 12).
  • Submitted manuscript must be double-spaced (at 0,0) throughout and typed on standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides.
  • Must use 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
  • Tables and figures must be formatted as per APA manual 6.
  • Manuscripts not formatted to the exact specifications of APA manual 6 will not be read let alone welcomed. Author(s) will be asked, by the Managing Editor, to revise and resubmit their manuscript until thoroughly formatted accordingly. The APA manual exact format is unconditional.
  • Refer to the APA manual 6 for assistance.
Cover Page (MUST be a separate word document sent in email with manuscript):
  • Title of manuscript
  • Author name(s)
  • Academic degree(s)
  • Professional title(s)
  • Institutional affiliation(s)
  • Authors' mailing address
  • Corresponding author and associated contact information
  • Any statement of credit or research support
  • Statement confirming REB/IRB approval
  • Statement stating that this original work has not been previously published and is not under consideration at another journal
Page 1: Title of the Manuscript
  • Title of manuscript only – centered, double-spaced, etc.
  • Use a page break to separate from abstract
  • See APA manual for specific details with respect to title page, running head formatting, etc.
Page 2: Abstract
  • A brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the manuscript
  • Between 120-250 words
  • Followed by 3-5 keywords (italicized, not bolded, indented, etc.)
  • Use a page break to separate from main body (after last keyword)
  • Refer to pages 26-27 of APA manual 6 for specific details regarding on formatting and structuring of the abstract, depending on the study (e.g., empirical, meta-analysis, case study, etc.)
Page 3-25: Main Body
  • Main sections: Introduction (do not use this heading, as it is implied with APA), Method, Results, Discussion, and Contribution to Social Work Policy, Practice, and Knowledge
  • Format may vary based on study (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, etc.)
  • Footnotes and/or endnotes must be avoided
  • Use appropriate and correctly formatted APA Headings (e.g., Level 1, 2,3)
  • You must use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Double-space your manuscript throughout (no extra spaces) (starting at 0,0)
  • Avoid biased writing, as per the APA manual 6
  • See the APA manual 6 for specifics and examples with respect to formatting the Main Body of a submitted manuscript
  • Length: A minimum of 5 page to a maximum of 25 pages minus references, table, and figures
  • Size of page: 8 1/2 x 11 inches
  • Margins: 1 inch - all sides
  • Tables and Figures
    • See the APA manual 6 for exact and specific format requirements for tables and figures
    • All tables should be cited sequentially in text, numbered, and supplied with explanatory captions and headings
    • Tables should be included at the end of the document
    • All figures must be cited in the text, numbered, and supplied with a caption
    • Tables – Excel or Word
    • Figures and images – Word or JPEG
Page 26-?: References
  • Format heading (i.e., Reference) according to APA manual 6
  • Use a page break after final text to add references.
  • All references must follow APA Manual Six Format – i.e. in alphabetical order, with a hanging indent (0.5) format, double-spaced, etc.
  • See the APA manual for specific format requirements for referencing – within the text (i.e., the main body) and reference list.


Submission of Manuscripts

Only an electronic copy should be submitted in English in Microsoft Word format.

Submitted To:

G. Brent Angell, Ph.D., Editor-In-Chief
Critical Social Work
University of Windsor, School of Social Work
167 Ferry Street
Windsor, Ontario N9A 0C5



All aspects of every manuscript submission MUST follow the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Sixth Edition (APA format).