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Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts MUST meet our APA manual 6 requirements outlined within policy for submissions. Only manuscripts that meet our strict submission requirements will be read for suitability.

All welcomed manuscripts, except book reviews, undergo rigorous anonymous double-blind peer review. Book reviews are simply copyedited; they are not put through our extensive peer review. 

Based on the initial screening by the Managing Editor, two to four anonymous referees from the Editorial panel will be selected to review each welcomed manuscript. If appropriate, a guest reviewer with specific expertise may be consulted.

Articles may be accepted, returned for major or minor revision, rejected, rejected but reconsidered, or referred to another journal.

Editor and/or Managing Editor may make minor alterations to articles on his or her own initiative and/or in line with CSW requirements and regulations.

Editor’s and Managing Editor's decision is final.

The initial double-blind peer review process takes, on average, at least six to eight weeks from the date they are sent out by Managing Editor. The length of time for each review varies for numerous reasons, including but not limited to the time of year, schedule of reviewers, schedule of Managing Editor and/or Editors, phase of the review process, extensiveness of suggestions/revisions noted, etc. Longer reviews typically occur when revisions are necessary (revisions are often requested).