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Copyright and Permission Requests

Critical Social Work’s (CSW) printed and electronic materials may not be republished, reprinted, or distributed without written permission from or contractual agreement with the publisher.

Requests for Permission to Use Critical Social Work Materials: Permissions to use copyrighted material from the CSW journal should be directed to the Managing Editor.

Include in your written request for permission

  • the article title(s) that you are interested in;
  • volume, issue, and page numbers;
  • copyright year;
  • the purpose of the requested use;
    • how you plan to use it (quoted content, course pack, reprint, etc.);
  • whether the use is commercial, nonprofit, or educational; and
  • a contact name and invoicing address.
  • number of copies you plan to make; and
  • the name and address of your publisher, if you intend to publish

If the material will be used for a class, include the class title, number of sections, and expected number of students. If material will be reprinted in a commercial publication or academic book, include the title, author(s), print run, and expected publication date.