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2000 Volume 1, No. 2

This is our second offering. We hope that you find the works both useful and enjoyable.

E-journals offer possibilities not available to traditional journals. One is the ability to post material after the initial publication. With your cooperation we will be adding an additional section to the journal articles. It will contain references to publications that have cited the article. These references will assist the reader in following the discussions as they continue. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this project

In addition, we hope that the journal will also become a location for continuing dialogue. We encourage your comments and observations. A special section will be created within the journal for them.

Stephen A. Webb
Philip M. Brown, Angie H. Rice, G. Brent Angell, Brenda Kurz
John Washington & Ian Paylor
Nigel Parton & Patrick O'Byrne
Kimball Robert & Murphy-Stewart